PBS Group accompanies every single person living in Central America, Colombia and the Caribbean in at least one point of their lives. From hospitals, banks, supermarkets, schools, public offices and airports; PBS transcends borders in order to facilitate our day-to-day by providing guidance and support to the companies and organizations that serve us.

“PBS City” illustration

Technology on Your Side

With over 2000 professionals and 24 offices, PBS is the largest full service IT company in Central America and the Caribbean.

Regardless of size or core business, PBS offers technological and printing solutions to help companies develop better ways to do business, optimize processes and navigate through an innovative journey during their life cycle.

Our Values and Mission

We are consistent in what we talk and do.
Respect for Individuals
Guarantee justice and fairness to all stakeholders, internal and external.
Humility & Spirit of Service
We need these qualities to improve our working environment everyday.
The primary factor that allows us to make things happen.
To have the best communication with our customers so we can always understand their needs.
We work together in everything we do.

We are committed to our customers.

We work with exceptional human capital.

We represent world leaders in the Tech Industry, to provide the best solutions and services in our markets.

PBS develops solutions for any organization willing to recognize its full potential.

Business Lines

Professional Services

End Point Maintenance, Fleet Control, Proactive and Corrective Maintenance, Imaging, Printing, and System Integration

Advanced Services

Cloud, IT support, Software Factory, Consulting, Workshops, Help Desk, Education, Data Center, Performance Analysis and Monitoring

Networking Communications

Switches, Routers, Gateways, Access points, Storage, Disaster Recovery, Mission Critical Servers. Collaboration, IoT, Two Way Radio and Cyber Security. Cloud services, and Hyper-Convergence

Information Technology

Software, ATM, Retail Equipment, PCs, Laptops. Point of Sales, UPS, Scanners, and Tablets

Printing Systems

Office and Graphic Arts Equipment, Supplies, Paper, Finishing, Labels, Customer Experience, Customer Journey and Customer Communication Management

Security Systems

Checkpoints, X-Ray systems, Explosive Detection Systems, Body Scanners, Identification cards, Passports and Enrollment Solutions