Date: February 23, 2023


Productive Business Solutions Limited (“PBS”) wishes to announce that its board of directors has approved the acquisition of 100% of the ordinary shares of Infotrans Group Holding B.V. (“Infotrans”). An acquisition of Infotrans is consistent with PBS’s strategy of growing its integrated regional platform, diversifying its lines of business with particular emphasis on information technology and deepening its relationships with the world’s leading technology brands.

About Infotrans

Infotrans has operated for over 30 years in seven territories, including Curacao, Colombia, Aruba, Bonaire, Guyana, Suriname, and St. Maarten through its subsidiaries. Infotrans employs over 40 engineers, represents 14 global brands, and services over 500 customers in its markets across the Dutch Caribbean and South America. Major industries supported by Infotrans include finance, hospitality, education, healthcare, and government.

Infotrans provides solutions to businesses in the markets in which it operates by offering consultancy, assessment, design, implementation, support and financing services. Additionally, the company provides cyber security, networking, datacenter, business continuity, communication and collaboration services to its customers. Apart from software and ICT solutions, Infotrans also sells workspace devices such as workstations, imaging, point-of-sale devices, and displays. The acquisition of Infotrans will strengthen PBS’s position as the leading information communication technology solutions provider across the Caribbean and Central America. Acquiring Infotrans will also deepen PBS’s presence in Colombia, Guyana and the Dutch Caribbean. The business, when combined with Infotrans, will result in revenues in excess of US$330 million annually and will expand PBS’s footprint to 21 countries and territories.

In commenting on the acquisition, Pedro M. Paris, PBS Group CEO said “Infotrans has long been a leader in the technology industry in the Dutch Caribbean and has built a growing business in Colombia serving the BPO sector. Integrating Infotrans into PBS will allow us to better serve our customers in these key markets and give us new technical capabilities.”

Arjen G. van der Meulen, CEO of Infotrans said “I am pleased to combine Infotrans with PBS and have every confidence that the acquisition will build on Infotrans’ long track record of providing exceptional service to clients.”

The transaction is subject to definitive agreements, regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions, and is expected to be completed by June 30, 2023.

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About PBS

Productive Business Solutions Limited is the leading enterprise technology company in Central American and the Caribbean. Productive Business Solutions Limited is listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange with a secondary listing on the International Securities Market of the Barbados Stock Exchange. Productive Business Solutions is a member of the Musson Group of Companies.

We operate in more than 19 countries, have over 2,000 employees and expect to have consolidated revenues in excess of US$300 million. The Company has an increasingly diversified business across information technology, networking, security systems and advanced services.

With a wide range of services, PBS bundles the best professionals with top-of-the-line products to provide tailor-made systems and tools for customers in different fields across Central America, Colombia & the Caribbean.